Used, Refurbished & Rental Oxidizers & Scrubbers

Anguil is built on strong client relationships. We are honored that so many of our clients contact us when they are ready to move onto larger emission control systems. The equipment that our clients have outgrown is often a perfect fit for new clients.

In fact, some of our Global Technologies' remediation systems have been used on multiple soil and groundwater remediation projects. Upon site closure, the equipment is sent back to our facilities for complete refurbishment, it is then put back into our fleet for rental or purchase by another customer.

After a thorough inspection, rigorous quality assurance and component upgrades, our refurbished oxidizer equipment provides an affordable air pollution control solution backed by a full warranty.

Anguil and Global Technologies Refurbished Equipment Advantages:

  • Full factory warranty
  • Discounted prices
  • Completely rebuilt systems with updated controls
  • 75 point inspection and calibration

As with all our products and services, you can expect the highest quality workmanship and engineering with Anguil's guarantee of excellence.

Used Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, Scrubbers and Concentrators:

Used 500 SCFM Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

ID#13929 - 500 SCFM Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

This Thermal Oxidizer was manufactured with a corrosion resistant coating for organic acids, is designed for inert air streams, and requires no additional fuel for destruction. A NEMA 3R panel enclosure is included and skid mounted. The system was never installed, is currently in storage and immediately available for rental or purchase.


Used 1,000 SCFM Flameless Thermal Oxidizer

ID#12584 - 1,000 SCFM flameless Thermal Oxidizer

1,000 SCFM Anguil Flameless Thermal Oxidizer VOC abatement system is designed for halogenated (chlorinated or fluorinated) emissions from continuous or batch chemical processes. It includes a flame arrestor, flameless thermal oxidizer for thorough destruction (99+%) of halogenated organic compounds, integral quench chamber and packed tower wet scrubber for acid gas removal, induced draft fan to minimize the potential for acid gas corrosion, and integrated PLC based controls for reliable operations of complete system.


Unit Photo Unavailable

ID#9994 - 500 SCFM Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

The electric oxidizer includes monolith catalyst and stainless steel plate heat exchanger. Immediately available for rental or purchase.



Used 750 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer

ID#13518 - 750 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer

We currently have a 750 SCFM catalytic oxidizers. They include monolith catalyst and stainless steel, shell and tube heat exchangers for 50%+ thermal efficiency. Immediately available for rental or purchase.


Used 1,000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer

ID#8023 - 1,000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer

This refurbished Remidi-Cat is designed for 1,000 SCFM, can process up to 28 lbs/hr of BTEX with a 95%+ Destruction Rate Efficiency and able to operate on propane or natural gas. The oxidizer has 50% effective stainless-steel heat exchanger, chart recorder, Allen Bradles controls with large display and comes with catalyst. The system is immediately available for rental or purchase and is thoroughly factory tested prior to shipment.


Unit Photo Unavailable

ID#11381 - 1,500 SCFM Chlorinated thermal Oxidizer with scruBber

System designed to process chlorinated compounds. This system is available for rental or purchase.


Used 10,000 SCFM Zeolite Rotor Concentrator Wheel

ID#3138 - 10,000 SCFM Zeolite Rotor Concentrator Wheel

Concentrator immediately available for integration into new or existing oxidizer system. The wheel includes hydrophobic zeolite absorbent impregnated on a honeycomb substrate disc rotor and is capable of 10:1 - 15:1 concentration ratios. Manufactured in 2000. Immediately available for rental or purchase.



500 SCFM Ceramic Filter / Catalyst

A small oxidizer to test the operation of a specific process exhaust and determine the applicability of catalytic oxidation.  


Unit Pic - Purac

ID#15827 - 2,500 SCFM regenerative thermal oxidizer

The RTO was originally built in 2011.  The Poppet Valves and media support grade have been constructed of 316L stainless steel.  The chambers are construction of carbon steel coated with vinyl ester coating.  The unit is deisgned for high thermal efficiency.  Immediately available for rental or purchase.

Aftermarket Services for this product

Anguil has over three decades of experience servicing thousands of oxidizers of all makes and models!