Industrial water pollution control is tightening as regulatory agencies are imposing more stringent requirements on industrial users.These regulatory laws are enforced to restrict the discharge of untreated wastewater containing oils, chemicals, metals, and contaminants that are destructive to the environment and people exposed to it.

Proper disposal of wastewater is essential, but looking for a cost-effective solution can be challenging. For some industries, this results in hiring third-party water hauling companies to transport and dispose of their wastewater.

The costs can be significant, especially for industries with difficult to treat wastewaters and for those companies located in remote areas. In many cases, hauling wastewater is more expensive than installing a water treatment system onsite as hauling wastewater requires trucks, drivers, incurred fuel costs, and could possibly take multiple trips per week based on your volume. With fuel and labor costs continually rising, finding a more cost effective solution is becoming more important than ever.

Onsite Industrial Wastewater Treatment: A More Cost Effective Approach

If you have been using a water hauling service from a third-party service provider, chances are your costs over the last 18 months have dramatically increased. Many factors can affect these costs. Apart from fuel and personnel wages, their high standard of treating the effluent to comply with the stringent environmental regulatory laws and public pressure plays a vital role.

Regardless of the reason for the expensive costs of water hauling, you can expect these costs to keep rising due to the increasing water demand and limited supply. Fortunately, for most wastewaters, water treatment options are available for a more economical and efficient alternative.

Water Hauling

Treating Wastewater with Anguil Environmental Systems

The Anguil team has over 40 engineers and technical personnel that are supported by another 70 operational and field service members to provide air and water treatment systems to meet your specific needs. Anguil is your single source provider to design, develop, integrate, install, and service your treatment systems to meet your regulatory or reuse requirements.

Our Simple & Effective Approach

Our project development steps are straightforward, focusing on your needs and decision criteria.

The steps include the following:

  • Scope: We begin with project assessment, project ROI, benchmarking, and decision process and criteria.
  • Discovery: Lab testing refers to verifying the different treatment approaches and their efficacy, along with determining costs (CAPEX/OPEX) for each  treatment approach.
  • Test: If further validation is required, Anguil can provide pilot testing at our facility or even in-situ field testing at your location.
  • Implement: Once treatment efficacy and pricing has been agreed upon, the process begins. Anguil can design, build, integrate, install, commission and train your team on your new wastewater treatment system.

Choose Us to Solve Your Waste Water Problems

Complying with regulatory laws about industrial water pollution control can be daunting. However, with the help of Anguil Environmental Systems, you can have a cost-effective in-house solution that will eliminate the needs and costs to hire a third-party service to haul and dispose of your industrial wastewater.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us or submit your project specifications today. We’re ready to design and develop a solution to improve your bottom line.

Click here for more information on Anguil’s onsite wastewater treatment solutions.


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