The Challenge

Anguil Environmental Systems performed a series of upgrades on a 25-year-old three-chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) originally manufactured by Smith Engineering.

The Solution

The goal was to extend the life of the unit and improve its operating performance for this wall covering manufacturer. The oxidizer’s media was replaced with an extruded monolith block media to increase the thermal energy recovery (TER) of the unit while maintaining its VOC destruction efficiency. The new media provides the owner with an operating savings of over $250,000 per year. 

Along with new media, Anguil improved the airflow distribution of the system by installing new stainless-steel cold face perforated sheets and media supports. Proper distribution of the incoming air increases the system’s thermal efficiency and ensures proper destruction of VOCs. The insulation was repaired or replaced where needed to eliminate exterior hot spots.

Due to the age of the RTO, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement parts for the control panel.  Anguil updated the controls by replacing the control panel with a unit equipped with a new PLC, HMI, VFDs, and ethernet controls to provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

The Result

The new media significantly reduced the oxidizer operating costs. The new control panel provided the customer with new up to date drawings and the latest panel components to be able to monitor and control the RTO more easily.