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Anguil’s Engineering expertise and flexible solutions guarantee compliance and optimize performance so your plant can focus on production.


  • Fume and particulate control from rubber vulcanization
  • Pollutants from rubber washing operations


Is this you?

  • Your Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is extremely expensive to operate and maintain
  • You are concerned about opacity control
  • The local water authority has increased surcharges due to wastewater contaminants from your process
  • You need a pollution control solution with limited ductwork due to particulate build-up

The Anguil Advantage

For air pollution control applications, Anguil’s rubber vulcanization abatement solutions guarantee compliance for on-site removal of particulates, emissions and odors. Our broad experience across this unique industry guarantees the best solution. Anguil engineers will partner with you to address and solve your concerns, including elimination of visible blue haze, guaranteed destruction efficiency, the elimination of costly mechanical filtration media, and the lingering liability issue associated with filter disposal.

We can provide many positive references and a test unit to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions. Case histories are also available, including customers who have bought one system and customers who own as many as nine systems.

For wastewater treatment needs, Anguil can be your single source provider of an integrated treatment train.  We take a holistic approach to your application and explore all options for water reuse and onsite treatment.  Anguil’s proven project development approach leverages attentive client collaboration, flexible exploration of viable treatments, rigorous solutions testing, and masterful integration with advanced controls and automation capabilities.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, but Anguil finds the following technologies to be especially effective for rubber curing applications:

  • Solutions In Action


  • The Association for Rubber Product Manufacturers (ARPM) has a core mission to provide industry executives with information and collaboration on waste reduction, benchmarking, networking, international management of product standards, and educational opportunities.