Maintain Uptime and Profit Margins.

Anguil’s engineering expertise and flexible solutions hold up to the rugged production demands of ethanol, biofuel and renewable energy facilities. Our solutions are quality engineered so that you can focus on production.


  • Ethanol and Biofuel Emissions
  • Distiller’s Grain Dryers Odors
  • Landfill Leachate and Tail Gases
  • Biofuel Production Wastewater
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Initiatives

Challenges Solved

Is this you?

  • You operate on very slim profit margins supported by government subsidies, so uptime and system reliability are critical
  • Wet air streams with particulate are making your emission compliance more complex
  • Your public water utility is increasing surcharges and restrictions

The Anguil Advantage

Anguil first tackled ethanol pollution in the baking industry in 1984 and has since expanded into corn-based and cellulosic ethanol production, as well as biofuels processing applications. Consultants, design/build firms, and ethanol producers have all trusted Anguil’s energy-efficient and reliable solutions for kiln, oven, and dryer emissions.  Our designs take into account process flexibility, corrosion resistance, and ease of maintenance.

For processing plants with wastewater discharge requirements, Anguil can be your single source provider of an integrated treatment train.  We take a holistic approach to your application and explore all options for water reuse and onsite treatment.  Anguil’s proven project development approach leverages attentive client collaboration, flexible exploration of viable treatments, rigorous solutions testing, and masterful integration with advanced controls and automation capabilities.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, Anguil offers two key solutions for the renewable fuels industries:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
    Advantages include 98-99% efficiency in destroying pollutants, 95% thermal energy recovery ensuring lower fuel usage, and a fuel injection system to further lower NOx.
  • Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) with Waste Heat Boiler
    Advantages are 99%+ destruction of VOCs, HAPs, CO, and organic particulate, steam generation for process use, lower capital cost of plant and air emissions, and an optional turbine to produce power for electric motors or for distribution throughout the plant.
  • Solutions In Action