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Anguil’s Engineering expertise and flexible solutions guarantee destruction efficiency and optimized performance so your plant can focus on production.


  • Amine Tail Gas Treatment
  • Tank Off Gassing

Challenges Solved

Is this you?

  • Your operations are under new Green House Gas (GHG) regulations for flaring
  • The water surcharges from your exploration and production have dramatically increased
  • New regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants are requiring a higher destruction efficiency
  • Your existing air pollution control device is unreliable and ineffective

The Anguil Advantage

The natural gas industry has seen a significant increase in activity with the discovery of new shales located throughout the world.  The development of advanced drilling technologies allow for extraction of gases deeper in the earth, revolutionizing the industry while creating a new demand for air and water pollution control technologies.

Midstream & Downstream

Much, but not all of Anguil’s experience in this industry is within the Midstream and Downstream markets. Our air pollution control solutions are utilized for off-gas treatment from amine treatment systems, nitrogen rejection units, tank vents, glycol regenerators, sulfur recovery units and various LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) processes. From vapor combustors to straight thermal oxidizers and the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, our systems offer a higher reduction in operating costs, higher destruction efficiency, and lower greenhouse gas output than competing emission abatement technologies. Many of our customers are saving over $500,000 dollars per year in operating expenses while drastically reducing their carbon footprint!

On these applications, careful consideration must be given to the design and material selection to avoid corrosion, equipment failures and non-compliance. Anguil oxidizers are built with quality materials of construction and engineered to withstand the difficult streams and often remote installations. Anguil is the largest supplier of oxidizer technologies to the natural gas industry. Our experience provides customers with extra assurance, backed by a long history of success.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, but Anguil finds the following technologies to be especially effective for natural gas applications:

  • Solutions In Action


  • The Environmental Partnership is comprised of companies of companies in the oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improve the industry’s environmental performance and they have an impressive list of accomplishments.
  • EPA’s Air Rules for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry is a summary of “Green Completion” requirements for processes and equipment at natural gas well sites.
  • EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program is a voluntary partnership that encourages domestic and foreign, oil and natural gas companies to adopt cost-effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce hazardous air and water discharges.
  • GPA Midstream Association is a good source for information on the processing of natural gas into merchantable pipeline gas, volume movement, or further processing of liquid products from natural gas.
  • The American Gas Association (AGA) represents companies committed to leveraging America’s abundant, domestic, affordable and clean natural gas to help meet the nations’ energy and environmental needs. Their website is comprised of many tools including a knowledge center with information on safety, environmental issues, policies and events.
  • The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) gives members an informed voice for the safe exploration and production segment of the US oil and natural gas industries.