Find Your Competitive Advantage.

Anguil’s portfolio of innovative, competitive solutions for this rapidly evolving industry provide guaranteed VOC destruction, reduced equipment footprint, and maximized production uptime and efficiency.


  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Chip Production
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Coating & Laminating
  • Battery Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Lithography & Probimer Operations
  • Printed Circuit Board


Is this you?

  • Your facility is a 24/7 operation and uptime is critical
  • Floor space is extremely valuable and cannot be consumed with environmental equipment
  • You have a pressure sensitive manufacturing operation
  • Corrosion resistant equipment must be considered to account for acids in your discharge
  • Advanced control capabilities are paramount; high level PLC and DCS control standards are a must

The Anguil Advantage

Anguil is aggressively becoming an industry leader in the electronics and semiconductor sector, consistently delivering creative solutions that exceed compliance requirements and maximize cost and performance efficiency. Our custom engineered solutions meet the needs of diverse applications across the industry. Our air pollution control systems can achieve up to 99.5% VOC DRE and process up to 120,000 SCFM (192,600 Nm3/hr) through a single system. For silicone applications, Anguil engineers have perfected a specially designed secondary heat recovery to minimize any silica build-up and facilitate easy cleaning. In addition, Anguil can deliver a full fab solution with n+1 and Copy Exactly! methodology to scale our solutions with you globally.

For Industrial Wastewater Treatment needs, Anguil can be your single source provider of an integrated treatment train. Electronics and semiconductor wastewater can be highly corrosive, caustic, laden with heavy metals and other inorganics. We take a holistic approach to your application and explore all options for water reuse and onsite treatment.  Anguil’s proven project development approach leverages attentive client collaboration, flexible exploration of viable treatments, rigorous solutions testing, and masterful integration with advanced controls and automation capabilities.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, but Anguil finds the following technologies to be especially effective for electronics and semiconductor industry applications:

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