Maximize Your Production and Compliance.

Complexity doesn’t scare us. Anguil’s team of experienced pollution experts can deliver a quality engineered solution that exceeds compliance requirements without stopping production.


  • Pill Coating & Mixing Operations
  • Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilization Chambers
  • Fluid-bed Processing
  • Tray Drying & Washdown
  • Ultra-Pure Process Water
  • Chemical Synthesis & Formulation

Challenges Solved

Is this you?

  • Your high cost of production requires quick installation of pre-tested, pre-assembled environmental systems to minimize process shutdowns
  • Guidance and guaranteed solutions are needed for tightening and rapidly evolving Ethylene Oxide (EtO) regulations
  • Continuous and batch process operations require custom environmental systems
  • Due to corrosive process streams you need pollution abatement solutions built with alloy construction
  • You’re concerned about emerging EPA CFR regulations along with increasing wastewater discharge surcharges

The Anguil Advantage

Anguil’s diversity of experience and wide breadth of technology offerings make us the best choice for the extremely nuanced and varied needs of the pharmaceutical industry where compliance is critical. Put Anguil’s decades of knowledge and experience to use on your application.

Our engineers will diligently analyze your challenges and requirements to recommend a comprehensive, turn-key compliance solution. From varying concentration streams to challenging applications with chlorinated contaminants, inert process streams or inorganic acids; our suite of quality engineered, air pollution control technologies will efficiently solve your pollution control challenges no matter the complexity.

On the wastewater side, pharmaceutical manufacturers are accustomed to a wide range of chemical contaminants. Anguil can be your single source provider of an integrated treatment train. Our holistic approach to your application explores all options for water reuse and onsite treatment. Anguil’s proven project development approach leverages dedicated client collaboration, flexible exploration of viable treatments, rigorous solutions testing, and masterful integration with advanced controls and automation capabilities. Anguil can also assist with system upgrades to your wastewater treatment system to help reduce operating cost and ensure you stay in compliance.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, but Anguil finds the following technologies to be especially effective for pharmaceutical industry applications:

  • Solutions In Action