Anguil Provides Quality Engineered Environmental Equipment and Service Solutions That Solve Complex Industrial Air and Water Challenges.

We believe in clean air and water. Our company is built on the premise that economic prosperity, public health, and sustainability are intertwined.

Manufacturing facilities and industrial sites are often faced with the challenge of balancing their environmental footprint with production demands and profitability. 

Anguil’s flexible portfolio of proven, quality engineered solutions and services give you environmental compliance assurance so you can focus on your business. 

Since 1978, companies both large and small have been placing their trust in Anguil’s experts. We specialize in complexity – challenging contaminants and timelines, fixing what others could not, solving the unknown without exceeding the budget. Our promise to customers: 

  • Responsive customer service that you’d expect from a family company – We Are Here For You.
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-navigate sales process with a detailed technical proposal – Your Challenge Will Be Solved. 
  • An innovative solutions-based approach custom to your application – We Will Find the Best Solution.
  • Expertise across mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering give us diverse perspectives and broad industry experience – Put Our Knowledge and Experience to Work for You.   
  • Global operational strength and a vast web of supplier relationships, their expertise folded into our own – We Will Deliver On Time, On Budget, and In Compliance.
  • A tenacity for finding solutions and solving challenges for our customers – We Don’t Walk Away.

Corporate Video

Since 1978, Anguil has provided quality engineered environmental equipment and service solutions that solve complex air and water challenges for a variety of industrial applications and manufacturing industries. In this official corporate video, Deb Anguil, Chief Operating Officer, and Chris Anguil, President, describe Anguil Environmental System's extensive industry experience, innovative pollution control technologies, manufacturing capabilities, company culture, service experience and more.

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Core Values

Anguil is proud to be a family-owned and operated company engaged in an industry that ensures future generations a sustainable environment. Our people are driven forward by core values dedicated to environmental and energy solutions that ensure cleaner air and water for future generations.

Company Facts

We are a second-generation family-owned and -operated environmental technology supplier and service organization headquartered in Milwaukee, WI USA with offices in Asia and Europe. Anguil has been a trusted air and water solutions supplier for over 40 years.

Our Story & Timeline

Our Story

In the words of company founder, Gene Anguil…

Shortly after finishing college, I read a book on how to be president of your firm before the age of forty. The options were:

  1. Work your way up to the top
  2. Buy another company
  3. Start your own company

By the time I was 39 years old, I had worked in the aerospace industry focusing on the Apollo mission and was presently working as VP Engineering for a solid waste incinerator fabrication company. The president was in his early 50’s and was not planning on retiring. I had no money to purchase another company, so I selected option #3. I named my company A Energy Systems so we would appear near the top of the phone book listings, until a friend told me if I’m proud of something, I should be able to put my name on it. Fortunately, Anguil starts with A, so my new company became Anguil Energy Systems.

Since 1978, Anguil has supplied a range of abatement technologies that control harmful and regulated Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), process odors, Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and various water contaminants. The result is thousands of successful installations around the world encompassing a wide range of applications and technology solutions. We are confident we can assess and resolve nearly any industrial pollution issue.

Company Timeline

  • 1978 – Gene Anguil founds Anguil Energy Systems in his home
  • 1980 First catalytic oxidizer order and installation
  • 1987 – Name changes to Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc
  • 1989 – $1 million in annual sales
  • 1991 Formation of Global Technologies targeting Remediation market
  • 1993 – First Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) installation
  • 1994 – Anguil Asia formed
  • 1995 Office opens in the United Kingdom to serve the European markets
  • 1996 – Move to current corporate headquarters in Brown Deer, WI
  • 2008 – Leadership transition to Chris & Deb Anguil
  • 2018 – First floor building restoration at corporate headquarters
  • 2020 – Expansion into India with new office opening in Vadodara
  • 2024 – Anguil Industrial acquires Young & Bertke Air Systems Company

The Anguil Family Story

Anguil is proud to be a family owned and operated company since 1978. In this special edition corporate video, learn the family history of Anguil and founder Gene Anguil as told by his children and current company President and Chief Operating Officer, Chris and Deb Anguil. Their oral history begins with their first memories of Anguil as children and covers important company milestones, including why Gene founded the company, initial market focus and first sale, a company and family tragedy, how Deb and Chris found their paths within the company, and their journey to leadership today. With photos from the private family archive, this is a very personal look at Anguil and the family behind the name.

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Meet the Anguils

Gene Anguil

Fullbright Scholar, Apollo Project Aerospace Engineer, Tennis Aficionado, and School Board President, Gene ‘Gino’ Anguil is also Founder of Anguil Environmental Systems. Since the company’s inception in 1978, the visionary and entrepreneur has led the engineering effort to develop innovative and cost-effective designs. Still serving as Chief Executive Officer, Gene’s leadership infuses the company with his tireless work ethic and laser sharp focus on customers’ needs.

Fun Facts

  • Responsible for the development of the Pyrolytic Incinerator, a solid waste thermal oxidizer with heat recovery.
  • Holds two patents in the area of high temperature filtration and the generation of electric power utilizing oxidizer technology.
  • Recipient of a National Defense Fellowship at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Did we mention he worked on the Apollo project?

Deb Anguil

Deb didn’t always think she was going to go into the family business. While her parents and two brothers worked at Anguil, she instead followed her passion for fitness by pursuing her Masters in Exercise Physiology. When her older brother Jeff, then leading the company alongside Gene, suddenly lost a swift cancer battle, she felt called closer to family. Turns out, she also has a passion and knack for business. With Anguil rapidly expanding into a global company, Deb pivoted and earned her MBA with a focus in International Business. She immediately gained extensive hands-on experience in a variety of international sales and operations roles. Now as Chief Operating Officer, Deb oversees the Operations, Installation and Commissioning, Technical Service, and Aftermarket teams.

Fun Facts

  • With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, Deb infuses the Anguil culture with health and wellness initiatives.
  • Deb served on the Board of the Wisconsin World Trade Association and is still active in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area of Commerce (MMAC)
  • In 2011, Deb spent the summer in Anting, China assisting with the Operations side of the business at Anguil Asia
  • Favorite activity – vegetable gardening (She says she should have been a farmer) 

Chris Anguil

The fourth of five children, Chris grew up watching his father found his own company, his mother become the first employee, and his older brother join fresh out of high school. An avid outdoorsman with a gift of connecting with people, Chris had a natural path ahead of him in sales at Anguil. Starting as Inside Sales Coordinator in 1993, Chris now leads Sales and Marketing efforts as company President.

Fun Facts

  • Alumni of Indiana University – Bloomington / Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on Environmental Studies
  • Serves on the environmental committee for numerous trade associations
  • Member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
  • Youth soccer coach for over two decades
  • Enjoys camping, hiking and tennis

Sustainability & Community


We believe in clean air and water. Our company is built on the premise that economic prosperity and sustainability are intertwined. Here’s how we’ve been doing our part for a better world.

Our solutions help customers achieve their environmental goals, so it is critical we follow responsible business practices and environmental guidelines in the manufacturing of our systems and delivery of engineering and services. 

Anguil is dedicated to securing clean air and water for future generations through the following:

  • Using our engineering expertise to help our customers minimize their environmental footprint, stay compliant with environmental regulations, and reduce operating costs.
  • Supporting an employee wellness program encouraging vitality through exercise, community farm-to-table agriculture, and continued healthy lifestyle education. 
  • Relying on our strong relationships with community suppliers to reduce transportation costs and retain money in the local economy.
  • Top-to-bottom responsible corporate practices including sustainable building updates, energy-efficient lighting, and office waste minimization initiatives.

Some highlights of our company sustainability program:

  • Green Masters Program – Since 2015, Anguil has been recognized as a Wisconsin Green Masters Program Participant and certified Green Professional within our industry.
  • Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up – For almost ten years, Anguil has adopted a major highway in the Milwaukee area and taken responsibility for the cleaning of debris and garbage.  
  • Reducing Single-Use Items – Anguil has a fully stocked kitchen with reusable cutlery, drinkware, plates, bowls, and cleaning supplies
  • Electronics Recycling Program
  • Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Read Anguil’s most recent Sustainability Report here.







Charitable Giving

Our mission aims higher than our own success. Here are some charities Anguil has contributed to this past year: 


If it seems like Anguil has always been there, it’s because we have. 

At the forefront of early environmental regulations.

Leading the tide change of pollution control engineering innovation.

At the other end of the line, at all hours, day or night,

Working alongside your team, triumphing over unforeseeable conditions and challenging timelines. 

We don’t slay dragons, we outsmart them. There are many roads to the future, but we forge our own ahead. Never the giant, never the smallest, never pompous, but never the cheapest. And never beholden to investors, only to you.

An engineering powerhouse with Midwestern work ethic and a reputation built on never letting you down, on making things right. We don’t settle and we never walk away. We’ve always just been here, an independent spirit lighting the way.

An Apollo space mission blazing through the night sky, catch us if you can. From up high, we can see all the perspectives, the possibilities, the truth. We are tireless visionaries and designers of the best solutions, compliance guaranteed, for you, your company, and humankind. Some call us overachievers, we declare it our calling. A commitment to cleaner air and water for future generations.

We will still be there, like the north star, always there to guide the way.

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