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As of 2021, fewer than 8% of people living in Asia breathe clean air as classified by the World Health Organization. As a global leader in the industrial air pollution control industry, Anguil has been at the forefront of Asia’s burgeoning pollution control needs since 1994.

To service this region, we leverage a strategic location, an experienced team, and unique insight into customers’ applications to deliver turnkey environmental solutions with local support, from original inquiry through project completion.

Our international business model assures global customers that Anguil will utilize over 40 years of process knowledge gained in the pollution control industry to deliver field-proven technology solutions that are fully supported by a local team of experienced professionals.

As a premier environmental technology provider, many of our customers are global companies with facilities around the world. We look at each project from the customer’s standpoint and determine which Anguil entity is best suited to run the project; be it in China, the United States, or elsewhere. Regardless which office takes the lead, all customers can expect the same quality engineering, integrity to core values, and unparalleled experience. By leveraging collaboration technologies, we ensure all Anguil’s employees across the world have access to critical engineering drawings and engineering details. Our Asia operations are proud to serve your company’s pollution control needs with the following capabilities:

  • Sales Team: Decades of combined experience with thermal and catalytic oxidizers for compliance with local air pollution control regulations.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: The company has access to over 600,000 m2 of sub-contracted manufacturing space with Anguil certified partners. Primary manufacturing operations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSA S18001 and ASME certified. We also own a facility with over 1,400 m2 capacity for system assembly, testing and spare parts storage.
  • Aftermarket Capabilities: Completely self-sustaining, regional service team for system retrofits, parts, service, and annual maintenance contracts.
  • Local Partnerships: Strong partnerships with vendors in local markets.


Anguil Asia Fast Facts

Anguil Asia Fast Facts

Anguil Asia Story and Timeline

Gens & Eric
Our story in this region began around 1994 with a trusted partner in Taipei by the name of Eurox Co. Ltd. The partnership resulted in several successful oxidizer projects in the chemical processing industry. After nearly a decade of success and expansion into other markets, Anguil Environmental Asia Ltd. was formed in 2004 to solidify the company and better serve industrial clients in the region.

Since then, the company has flourished. The Bluetech Clean Air Alliance in China has recognized Anguil for technology advances and several customers have filed Certificates of Appreciation to the company for successful, high-profile projects. Today we have over 100 employees and almost 300 installations in a variety of industries throughout China and Taiwan.


1994 – Gene Anguil forms a partnership with Eric Liu of Eurox to introduce Anguil technologies in Taiwan

2004 – Anguil Environmental Asia Ltd. solidifies the company’s presence in the region

2013 – The Anguil name and logo are trademarked in both China and Taiwan

2014 – Asia operations move from Suzhou to Shanghai, Anguil Environmental Asia (Shanghai) Ltd becomes the licensee for Anguil technologies in China

Regional Solutions Portfolio

System selection for an air or water project should be based on destruction or removal requirements, efficiency needs, and process parameters. This not only varies from facility-to-facility but also by country and region of the world. For this reason, Anguil’s offerings vary based on our customer needs and location. Here are some of the primary technology solutions currently offered in Asia:

Target Industries

Our engineering expertise, thorough design techniques, and breadth of pollution control technologies have been applied in most major industrial markets on varying processes. These are just some of the primary markets we serve in Asia.


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