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The European market represents 15-20% of the world economy and has some of the most aggressive environmental standards in the world. As a global leader in the industrial air pollution control industry, Anguil has been at the forefront of Europe’s pollution control efforts since the early 1990s.

To service this region, we leverage a strategic location, an experienced team, and unique understanding of industrial applications to deliver turnkey environmental solutions with local support, from original inquiry through project completion.

Our international business model assures global customers that Anguil will utilize over 40 years of process knowledge gained in the pollution control industry to deliver field-proven technology solutions that are fully supported by a local team of experienced professionals.

As a premier environmental technology provider, many of our customers have a global footprint with facilities around the world. We look at each project from the customer’s standpoint and determine which Anguil entity is best suited to execute the project; be it in Europe, the United States, or a combination of both. Regardless of which office takes the lead, all customers can expect the same quality engineering, integrity to core values, and unparalleled experience. Our collaborative global approach ensures all Anguil employees across the world have access to critical drawings, software, and engineering details. Our European operations are proud to serve your company’s pollution control needs with the following capabilities:


Anguil Europe Fast Facts

Anguil Europe Fast Facts

Anguil-Spooner Story and Timeline

Anguil’s story in this region began in the early 1990s with the installation of several oxidizers on semiconductors, printing, remediation, and ethylene oxide applications. With a growing market share, we invested in an office located in Stone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Shortly after closing those operations, Anguil began working with a strategic partner, Spooner Industries. After several successful projects integrating the Spooner process equipment and Anguil abatement solutions, the two companies decided to make their partnership official. By combining the complementary product lines, customers and prospects can get a complete turnkey solution for their industrial drying, curing, coating, and air pollution control needs.


1994 – Anguil Environmental opens a sales and service office in Staffordshire.

2008 – Spooner Industries and Anguil form licensee partnerships to expand service and manufacturing capabilities.

2013 – The Anguil name and logo are trademarked throughout Europe.

Regional Solutions Portfolio

System selection for a pollution control project should be based on destruction or removal requirements, efficiency needs, and process parameters. This not only varies from facility to facility but also by country and region of the world. For this reason, Anguil’s offerings vary based on our customer needs and location. Here are some of the primary technology solutions currently offered throughout Europe:

Target Industries

Our engineering expertise, thorough design techniques, and breadth of pollution control technologies have been applied in most major industrial markets on varying processes. These are just some of the primary markets we serve in Europe.


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