At Anguil, we merge time-tested, standard products with innovative, custom-engineered solutions.

We partner with you every step of the process to design, manufacture, and install systems that reduce your environmental footprint, lower operating costs, and ultimately, maximize return on investment.

With over half of Anguil’s staff consisting of degreed engineers, we are uniquely capable of addressing all of your environmental needs. Our engineering disciplines span mechanical, electrical, structural, chemical, and of course environmental disciplines. This diversity gives us the ability to not only identify the most effective equipment, but also engineer your system in a turnkey capacity. 

Our Engineers Set Us Apart

Since 1978, Anguil has developed a variety of quality engineered technologies that control and reduce harmful pollutants, toxins, and contaminants from manufacturing operations and industrial facilities. With thousands of successful installations around the world, Anguil’s engineering and system design expertise has consistently produced equipment effective at solving environmental challenges where others have failed. Simply put, Anguil engineers set us apart from the competition.  

As a technology agnostic, full-service provider, we have the flexibility and creativity to integrate a wide variety of equipment, giving our customers a true turn-key experience. Pre-sale, we collaborate with you to identify the best fit system based on your regulatory requirements, efficiency needs, and process parameters. From there, our engineers build a detailed system plan, execute your custom solution with precision, and flawlessly integrate into your operation. Once the commissioning process is complete, your team is provided engineer-crafted training for your new Anguil system.

Quality Design and Manufacturing For System Reliability

We understand how important it is for your Anguil system to be delivered and operational when planned. During the fabrication process, Anguil uses a gate approach to ensure quality standards and schedules are met. By breaking activities down into stages, critical production milestones can not be completed until all checks and balances are met. At each gate, a business evaluation and project review is required before a go/stop decision is made.

Anguil’s Quality Assurance Department vigorously applies this gate philosophy to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. From engineering through commissioning and beyond, documenting and maintaining a comprehensive quality management program is essential at Anguil. The Quality Assurance team plays a strategic role in “Best Practice” and continuous improvement implementation to ensure the best Anguil system and customer experience.

Anguil’s design team uses the latest in Computer-Aided Design, including AutoCad, Solidworks and other 3D software. Our CAD drafting department is committed to continuous education to stay current with the latest software releases and enhancements. They can create, modify, analyze, and optimize your existing drawings to seamlessly integrate them with your Anguil environmental technologies.  

Installation That Gives You Peace Of Mind

To avoid lengthy installations, many of our systems arrive on-site as modules: pre-assembled, pre-wired, factory tested and ready for a fast and efficient start-up. Our installation team can provide full turn-key services or simple installation supervision. You will be up and running with an Anguil-certified system from day one, full compliance guaranteed.

Installation strategy is considered early when your project is still on the drawing board and continually cross-examined until ready for start-up. We like to say our systems are engineered for installation because it often accounts for a substantial portion of the overall project budget and schedule. We take special precautions to prevent disruptions in your process and ensure a timely, quality, and on budget.

Our full menu of installation capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering services
  • Installation supervision
  • Mechanical, electric, and gas installation
  • Piping design, supply, and erection
  • System integration into your existing processes
  • Equipment startup, operator training and remote monitoring
  • Controls design, supply, and integration

Anguil’s single source of responsibility gives you full confidence in a successful installation, allowing you to keep focus on your business while remaining in compliance with your air and water regulations.


Advanced Controls and Automation

As controls and automation technologies have advanced, Anguil has updated our control systems to provide the safest, most efficient, and highly reliable operation while integrating smoothly into existing plant operations. From new equipment to upgrades and retrofits, our systems utilize the latest in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based controls, touch screen interfaces, and remote telemetry, resulting in a system which meets variable operational demands while limiting the necessary operator oversight. 

Reliable Controls

Reliable operation is paramount to the success of any industrial controls package. Anguil believes a good design is a reliable design. Designs should be resilient to downtime, account for safety and compliance risks, and optimize for usability.

  • Flexible Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) offerings allow operators and site personnel to work in programming environments they know and trust
  • LCD color touch screens (6” to 15” screens available) translate the machine language into easy-to-operate controls and provide operators with meaningful feedback from system performance
  • Remote access gateways simplify remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Self-checking UV scanners and other smart devices bolster continuous operation
  • Digital data recorders streamline compliance reporting by providing always-on encrypted data collection, ready at a moment’s notice

Efficient & Intelligent Design

Real-world experience and customer feedback converge with our prowess for electrical and mechanical engineering to create a design philosophy that works for today but looks to the future. The convergence of these ideals result in equipment that is both pragmatic and easy to operate, while also being intelligent and flexible, ready to take on new challenges in any industry.

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) accommodate a wide range of process flows, minimizing OPEX by only processing as much flow as is needed
  • Auto-balancing media beds optimize heat loading and transfer in regenerative systems
  • Customizable Hot Gas Bypass (HGBP) offerings to handle excess heat, recover heat for preheating process flows, or fine-tune heat mass transfer 
  • Dynamic media bed and heat exchanger bypass controls mitigate periods of high process loading
  • Optional Supplemental Fuel Injection (SFI) offerings to minimize NOx formation.
  • Utilization of process measurements to control the dosing of treatment chemicals minimizes chemical costs and improves water treatment performance

Integrate with Confidence

Industrial equipment does not typically operate in isolation. Often, system and package integration are key to a facilities’ success. Anguil controls packages are designed with integration in mind and can easily integrate into already existing or future-planned equipment.

  • Multiple inlet/pick-up point design with automated pressure control to balance disparate process exhaust flows
  • Automatic fresh-air dilution responds to changes in process flows as independent pieces of equipment go online/offline
  • A wide variety of control panel mounting/configuration options including on-skid, indoor and outdoor remote mounting, and free-standing control rooms
  • Extra digital and analog I/O to accommodate future additions to controls and equipment
  • Water treatment trains requiring a number of skidded components will operate together and with your facility seamlessly 
  • Remote Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Remote connectivity

In addition to thermal oxidizers, our electrical and programming engineers can integrate a wide number of additional equipment into a seamless control system including baghouses, scrubbers, heat exchangers, water treatment equipment, and other off-skid process controls. In all cases, controls integration can minimize the number of panels and operator touch points, saving in cost complexity. We provide remote HMIs and telemetry to allow operators to monitor the abatement equipment from their facility control rooms, production equipment or remote remediation sites. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

We always strive for continuous improvement at Anguil, which is why we have increasingly designed our technologies with sensing devices that utilize a central control system to remotely measure and adjust settings.

These smart devices utilize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to improve safety, reliability, and maintenance efforts. This functionality allows personnel inside and outside the plant to communicate with the Anguil system using native programming and an internet connection. Real-time data logging, event reporting, and alarm notification are just some of the benefits to IIoT. It is one of the easiest ways to expedite troubleshooting, reduce downtime, and enhance the value of routine preventive maintenance. 

Anguil’s IIoT Platform and Pilot Program

Anguil has developed our own Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software platform and is currentlyDownload IIoT Info Sheet seeking participants for our IIoT pilot program.

Anguil’s IIoT software platform is tailored specifically for enhancing operational transparency and reporting capabilities for environmental pollution control equipment. Anguil partnered with Siemens to leverage their Mindsphere® software, which provides exceptional data security and complex development components and tools, allowing Anguil to develop a sophisticated, flexible, and data secure IIoT solution. Anguil’s IIoT platform is designed to leverage existing equipment data to improve performance, lower maintenance costs, and prevent unplanned downtime through graphical overviews, KPI dashboards, live trending, and document repositories.

You can read more about Anguil’s IIoT capabilities and to apply to the IIoT Pilot Program here.


Anguil’s Typical Control Package

  • LCD Color touch screen Human – Machine Interface (HMI) (remote HMIs available)
  • PLC with system control logic; Rockwell / Allen Bradley and Siemens are standard
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
    • Accommodates variable flows to the system
    • Allows for system turndown and for the oxidizer to heat up at a reduced flow, saving on energy and fuel
    • Controls water pumping pressures to reduce cycling, water hammers and maintain pressure/flow set-points
  • Remote Connection for off-site monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Ethernet gateway enables communication to all devices via embedded secure VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • If internet is not available, the operator can choose a SIM card and antenna setup for cellular modem access
  • Flame detection with self checking UV scanner (oxidizers)
    • Self checking UV scanner allows for  continuance running (24/7) with no daily shutdowns
  • Digital Data Recorder
    • Saves encrypted data files to secure digital (SD Card) flash memory card
    • Can be set up for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data to remote computer
    • Can export data to Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for further analysis
  • Control panel configurations:
    • NEMA 3R skid mount, weatherized control panel
    • Saves on install time and on install cost
    • Air conditioning and heat are provided if necessary
    • NEMA 12 indoor mounted control panel
    • All controls are mounted in your factory for easy access
    • Control room with NEMA 12 control panel
    • Installation costs are lower than standard NEMA 12
    • Lockable, comfort control room with heat and air conditioning

Depending on the requirements of your pollution control device, our standard program is capable of:

  • Auto balance
  • Supplemental Fuel Injection (SFI)
  • Customized Hot Gas Bypass (HGB) logic to not only dump excess heat but also use heat
  • Multiple inlets with pressure control
  • Automatic fresh air dilution
  • De-rating of heat recovery media or exchanger to handle moments of high loading
  • Automated offline cold face bakeout to remove organic build-up from media


Some of the codes we routinely conform to during design and installation are included below with links to some of the relevant information. For a list of international standards please contact us using the form below.  


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