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Water is an integral part of many manufacturing processes. With environmental regulations pertaining to wastewater management becoming stricter, businesses must ensure wastewater streams are properly treated before being discharged into the environment or sewer. Manufacturers who once carelessly used large water volumes are now facing costs that significantly impact their bottom lines, global competitiveness, and in some cases their very existence.

Anguil Environmental is a leading provider of industrial wastewater treatment solutions that help maintain compliance and protect the environment in a cost-effective manner.

What Is Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

Industrial wastewater treatment utilizes a number of techniques and mechanisms to bring contaminated water closer to the initial state in which it entered the manufacturing facility. Contamination takes place during commercial or industrial production processes, requiring the removal of these contaminants before reusing the water or releasing it into the environment.

There isn’t a universal industrial wastewater treatment process in place for all applications and industries. Each application requires a unique treatment process, which is why many businesses need to install a customized solution based on their needs. A well-designed system will help maintain compliance, reduce operational costs, minimize the risk of operator error, and increase throughput.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions: Our Approach

At Anguil, we believe a better approach will deliver improved results. Our pollution abatement experts provide optimized, engineered solutions for industrial water challenges. We go beyond simply providing the necessary products, as we consider the specific role and function that each component will serve in a cohesive, efficient, and properly integrated system.

When you partner with Anguil, you’ll experience numerous advantages, including:

  • System Expertise. We have over 40 years of experience engineering treatment systems to provide a complete design based on your unique requirements.
  • Equipment Alternatives. Anguil takes a technology-agnostic approach to wastewater treatment, which enables us to explore and validate all potential operational and treatment processes via our onsite wet lab.
  • In-house Capabilities. Anguil takes complete ownership over key processes, including logistics, wet-lab testing, advanced controls, and automation – which helps mitigate risk and costs.
  • Single-Source Responsibility. We serve as your one-project contact, which means we bear full responsibility for the wastewater treatment train. We are your warranty and aftermarket service provider.
  • Integration Capabilities. Our in-house controls and a team of automation engineers allow for efficient system integration.

Additionally, we work to develop a solution appropriate for your application to meet reuse or discharge standards. To achieve this, we validate the efficacy of wastewater treatment solutions and calculate the operational cost (OPEX) of each viable treatment approach.

Whenever our clients work with us, we work with them to determine their specific needs based on their timelines and business criteria and develop an approach to solutions that makes sense for them. Whether they want to install a new system, upgrade their existing systems, save more time and money with automation, or achieve other goals, we’ll help meet their requirements.

Learn about our approach to your wastewater project with our interactive learning module below:

We believe a better approach will deliver first place results.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions: Capabilities and Services

To meet our client’s needs, we offer a number of capabilities and services in our phased project approach encompassing development through execution.

Project development services include:

  • Specification Writing Assistance
  • Budget Generation, Cost Comparisons
  • Existing Site Evaluations
  • Process Verification
  • Equipment Selection
  • Onsite Scaled Pilot Test
  • Water Analysis
  • Bench Testing (Onsite Water Lab)
  • Equipment Expert for PHA Meetings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Rental Equipment

Our project execution services include the following:

  • Design-Build
  • Project Management
  • Drawing Generation — CAD, SolidWorks
  • Turn-key Installations
  • Automation
  • Advanced Controls after Drawing Generation
  • Installation Supervision
  • Operation Verification
  • System Start-up
  • Aftermarket Services for Existing Wastewater Treatment Systems

Don’t know what is in your water discharge? Let us help.

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Our Better Approach

There are a lot of industrial wastewater treatment companies. How do you choose the right project partner? We believe a better approach will deliver first place results. Learn about our better project approach in this interactive learning module.

A Better Approach

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions: Technologies

For each treatment system, We integrate a variety of technologies to effectively treat wastewater. The following are some of the specific technologies used and the contaminants they remove:

  • Total Dissolved Solids. TDS is the measurement of the total dissolved amount of inorganic solid materials present in wastewater. Reverse osmosis, ion exchange systems, and nanofiltration facilitate the removal of TDS.
  • Dissolved Metals. pH adjustment and clarification, ion exchange, and carbon media remove various dissolved metal materials.
  • VOCs. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often present in wastewater, requiring removal via air stripping, granular activated carbon absorption (GAC), or oxidation.
  • Soluble BOD/COD. MBBRs, MBRs, Anaerobic, Anoxic, bioreactors, and oxidation eliminate soluble biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) from wastewater.
  • Suspended Solids. Cartridge filters, ballasted flocculation, parallel plate clarifiers, DAF, flocculation, and bag filters remove certain types of suspended solids.
  • Fats, Oils/Grease. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) and oil-water-separators help remove fats, oils, and grease.
  • Sludge Dewatering. Water can be squeezed from sludge using filter presses, belt presses, rotary vacuum drums, and rotary screw presses.

Why partner with Anguil on your next Industrial Wastewater Treatment project?

  • System Expertise – Anguil’s 40 years of experience engineering systems ensures a complete system designed to your technical requirements and business case.
  • Solution Possibilities – Anguil maintains a technology agnostic approach with the ability to  explore and validate all viable treatment and operational processes in our onsite wet lab.
  • In-house Capabilities – Anguil takes ownership over all mission critical aspects such as onsite wet lab testing, logistics, integration, and advanced controls and automation.
  • Single Source Responsibility – Anguil is your one project contact and takes responsibility for the full treatment train – one warranty, one aftermarket service provider
  • Integration Capabilities – Anguil has in-house controls and automation engineers for smooth system integration
  • Experience – Anguil has over 40 years of system design and integration experience and a diversity of in-house engineering talent

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions from Anguil Environmental

The experts at Anguil Environmental believe that air and water should leave every industrial facility as clean as it came into it. We also believe that public health, sustainability, and economic prosperity are intertwined. These philosophies drive our services and solutions to help ensure our clients get what they need whenever they work with us.

For more information about industrial wastewater treatment and the solutions we offer, contact us or submit your project specifications for equipment selection, pricing, and availability.



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