Anguil is a single source provider of industrial water treatment technologies for guaranteed compliance with low operating costs.  

For customers with water pollution issues, Anguil specializes in the integration of market-proven wastewater treatment technologies into a single treatment train capable of handling challenging contaminants discharged from industrial facilities or extracted from remediation applications. 

From clean, ultra-pure process water to the treatment of murky process effluent, our solutions meet stringent process requirements and discharge limits, deliver a low total cost of ownership, and when possible, reduce your company’s environmental footprint through recycling and reuse.

What Sets Anguil Apart?

We believe a better approach equals better results.

There’s no magic bullet, no shortcut, no single product that solves industrial wastewater treatment challenges. 

Our pollution abatement experts solve complex industrial water challenges with optimized, engineered solutions that work collectively. As a systems integrator, we do not just thoughtlessly plug in products; We consider the role and function of each component and deliver a complete, integrated system.


Why partner with Anguil on your next Industrial Wastewater Treatment project?

  • System Expertise – Anguil’s 40 years of experience engineering systems ensures a complete system designed to your technical requirements and business case.
  • Solution Possibilities – Anguil maintains a technology agnostic approach with the ability to  explore and validate all viable treatment and operational processes in our onsite wet lab.
  • In-house Capabilities – Anguil takes ownership over all mission critical aspects such as onsite wet lab testing, logistics, integration, and advanced controls and automation.
  • Single Source Responsibility – Anguil is your one project contact and takes responsibility for the full treatment train – one warranty, one aftermarket service provider
  • Integration Capabilities – Anguil has in-house controls and automation engineers for smooth system integration
  • Experience – Anguil has over 40 years of system design and integration experience and a diversity of in-house engineering talent

Our Approach

We believe a better approach will deliver first place results.

We are not pigeon-holed to a specific product to solve every application. Our technology agnostic approach means we want the best solution for you, and we have the creativity and expertise to design it.

Our starting line is understanding your business case, project drivers, and concerns. Because we’re not tied to specific products, our interest lies in delivering the best solution that meets your business needs. Equipped with an understanding of your business objectives, we then look at treatment efficacy. Using our own in-house wet lab with bench and pilot testing equipment, we gather data to complete a comprehensive investigation of all possible approaches. We share all possibilities with you, providing a complete comparative cost and benefit analysis, allowing you to make the most educated decision. 

We can leverage our broad command of the industry’s best market-proven technologies to reveal the various paths forward. We can help you decide, consult on pros and cons for each technology, and put it all together into a highly engineered solutions roadmap. Compliance is at the heart of every abatement system we design, engineer, install and service. All mission critical aspects of system design, build, fabrication, delivery, and install are orchestrated by Anguil under one warranty.

Learn about our approach to your wastewater project with our interactive learning module below.

Our Better Approach

There are a lot of industrial wastewater treatment companies. How do you choose the right project partner? We believe a better approach will deliver first place results. Learn about our better project approach in this interactive learning module.

A Better Approach

Capabilities & Services

We believe early investment produces long-term results.

Our phased project approach supports a variety of development and execution needs throughout the project journey. Engage Anguil early in the Project Development phase to establish the strongest foundation for success. From preliminary analysis and selection of treatment technologies, to engineering and treatability studies, we can ensure the best solution is identified as early as possible. 

Our Project Execution services ensure your system design is built to its fullest potential. From a la carte project management services for “build to spec” applications to fully engineered, customized, turn-key treatment solutions, we provide as much or as little scope of work you require. Our engineering, installation, commissioning, and aftermarket service capabilities will ensure the highest performance at the lowest cost of ownership over the system’s life.

Project Development Services
  • Specification Writing Assistance
  • Existing Site Evaluations
  • Budget Generation, Cost Comparisons
  • Process Verification
  • Water Analysis
  • Onsite Scaled Pilot Test
  • Equipment Selection
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Equipment Expert for PHA meetings
  • Rental Equipment
  • Bench Testing (Onsite Water Lab!)
Project Execution Services
  • Project Management
  • Design Build Engineering – Electrical and Mechanical
  • Drawing Generation – CAD and Solidworks
  • Automation and Advanced Controls
  • Free and Clear or Turn-key Installation
  • Installation Supervision
  • System Start-up
  • Operation Verification
  • Aftermarket Services for Existing Wastewater Treatment Systems



We believe the best results occur when everything works in concert.

Anguil leverages market-proven technologies as the building blocks to integrated robust and effective wastewater treatment trains. Here are a few technologies we have used to solve industrial water challenges:

  • Total Dissolved Solids RO Systems, Softening Systems
  • Dissolved Metals pH Adjustment, Ion Exchange, Carbon
  • VOCs Air Stripping, GAC, Oxidation
  • Soluble BOD/COD MBR, Oxidation
  • Suspended Solids Bag Filters, Ballasted Floc, Cartridge Filters
  • Fats, Oils/Grease O-W Separators, DAF
  • Sludge Dewatering Rotary Vacuum Drum, Rotary Fan Press



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