Protect Your Profit Margins.

Anguil’s Engineering expertise and flexible solutions ensure payback and optimized performance so your plant can reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Process Water or Air, Heating or Cooling
  • Plant Comfort Heat
  • Parts Drying
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Preheated Combustion Air
  • Heated Process Water


Rising fuel and electricity costs, coupled with global warming concerns have changed the way industrial facilities view energy consumption. Process equipment and pollution control systems that were installed several years ago may not reflect the energy conscious designs available today. Analyzing these systems to determine energy reduction opportunities can be a very valuable practice. Recovering waste heat is one of the easiest and most utilized means of reducing energy demands at industrial facilities.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Rising plant operating costs
  • Inefficient, aging equipment
  • Community or corporate pressure to reduce your environmental footprint

The Anguil Advantage

With a custom designed heat recovery system from Anguil, you can reclaim exhaust heat from energy consuming processes or exhaust stacks and utilize the excess energy to preheat process, plant and combustion air. Alternatively, recovered heat can be used to water or other liquids. For any size exhaust stream, the Anguil suite of energy recovery products can help you achieve up to 80% heat recovery. Trust Anguil to design the most cost-effective solution for your specific process.

The installation process is quite possibly the most important portion of the project. We take special precautions to prevent disruptions in your process and ensure a timely, quality installation. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical, Electric, and Gas Installation
  • Ductwork Design, Supply, and Erection
  • Exhaust Stack Modification
  • Controls Design, Supply, and Integration
  • System Integration Into Existing Processes
  • System Startup

Some advantages of working with Anguil:

  • Single source project responsibility from start to finish
  • Over 40 Years of Energy Recovery Experience in Various Industries
  • Member of the EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership
  • Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Equipment
  • Custom or Standard Designs
  • Complete Turn-Key Installation Packages
  • Energy Audits and Economic Analysis

System Solutions

Process systems and other energy consuming equipment represent a major portion of operating costs for manufacturing facilities. Anguil waste heat recovery systems reduce operating costs and limit the environmental impact of facilities worldwide, while being a competitive capital investment for optimal payback. Our energy recovery systems are used in virtually every industrial application that utilizes heat in the process. Integrated into an existing system or installed as a standalone piece of equipment, Anguil energy recovery systems have many practical uses.

Each system is custom engineered to address your energy needs with a solution based on your specific objectives. Our energy recovery and heat transfer offerings include:

  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube, Plate Type)
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers (Economizers)
  • Air-to-Steam Heat Exchangers (Waste Heat Boilers)
  • Air-to-Fluid Heat Exchangers (Oil, Glycol Loop)
  • Energy Audits

From the smallest exhaust stream (100 SCFM) to the largest of exhaust streams (>100,000 SCFM), the Anguil family of heat exchangers can help you achieve up to 80% heat recovery. Trust Anguil to design the most cost-effective solution for your specific process.

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