Committed to Cleaner Air.

At Anguil Environmental Systems, our team is fully committed to ensuring cleaner air and water for future generations.

Our efficient, high performing portfolio of environmental technologies, including air pollution control, water treatment, and energy recovery systems, offer seamless integration and superior performance at optimum value.

For industrial air pollution control, our comprehensive suite of Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers are designed to abate industrial exhaust gases like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), and odorous emissions. Our quality engineered systems convert pollutants to carbon dioxide, water vapor, and thermal energy with efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.

Our Oxidizer Products

Here’s what you can expect from all Anguil oxidizer solutions:

  • Optimum VOC/HAP/NOx reduction and emission destruction
  • Gas trains designed to meet FM Global or any international certifications such as CSA, TSSA, EN, CGA and ATEX
  • Pre-assembly and factory testing for reduced installation costs
  • Fully automated operation powered by robust Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)-based Controls with digital data recording, remote telemetry, and multiple safety shutdowns to ensure safe operation
  • Custom-designed to your application without proprietary or expensive replacement parts
  • Seamless integration with your current process and future expansion plans
  • Full equipment warranty and 24-hour Service support
  • Complete turnkey packages including all utilities and ductwork
  • Regulatory compliance is guaranteed
Anguil’s wide range of oxidizer offerings ensure customers get an unbiased equipment selection based on destruction requirements, efficiency needs, and process parameters. 



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