We Don’t Walk Away.

Whether your project is still on the drawing board or has been on site for years, your air and water pollution control systems represent a significant investment and long-term commitment. Anguil offers a complete selection of post-installation Aftermarket services, allowing you to get the most from your investment over the entire life of the system. 

As our customer, you will enjoy industry-leading, customer-focused service that prolongs your system’s life and minimizes operatingcosts. Anguil has a dedicated department focused solely on Aftermarket needs. Anguil’s Aftermarket Sales group specializes in repairing and upgrading existing equipment without pushing for replacement. We specialize in challenging aftermarket site work projects, executed in the field against a variety of timeline and space restrictions. Each Aftermarket project is assigned a Project Manager and Project Coordinator to work with our customers to ensure a successful project.

With decades of experience, Anguil has the ability to service anyone’s system, regardless of make, model or manufacturer. On average, we service 600+ systems from 23 different manufacturers each year and we’re confident we can optimize your system.

Explore all of our Aftermarket Services:

  • Troubleshooting and Repair Visits
  • Operator Training
  • Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) Tests
  • System Airflow Balancing
  • Remote System Evaluations Via Modem or Internet
  • Engineering and Feasibility Studies
  • System Relocation
  • Operating Cost Reviews
  • Media and Catalyst Replacement
  • Hot Gas Bypass Additions
  • Emission Concentrator Integrations
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Supplemental Fuel Injection Retrofits
  • Burner and Gas Train Upgrades
  • Reliability Enhancements
  • Individual Parts Requests
  • Recommended Spare Parts Packages
  • Preventive Maintenance Evaluations
With our capability as a single source service provider, you enjoy headache free service and the lowest cost of ownership over the system’s life.


General Services

Service and maintenance on any make or model, regardless of original manufacturer for compliance and improved system reliability.

Our service team has seen it all. With several Field Service Engineers possessing over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise and responsiveness to service your system. From a middle of the night emergency call to a detailed analysis of operational efficiency and performance via remote connection, we’ve got your back. With our 24/7 service hotline and robustly staffed aftermarket department, we are ready to jump into action and minimize your down time. A few things we can help with:

  • 24-Hour emergency service
  • Routine or troubleshooting visits
  • Operator training sessions
  • Destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) check-ups
  • Oxidizer system airflow balancing
  • Wastewater treatment system flow control
  • Remote system evaluations
  • Oxidizer hot spot repair
  • Engineering and feasibility studies
  • Operating cost reviews
  • Rockwell priority dispatch


Retrofits and Upgrades

Reimagine the possibilities of your pollution abatement system.

Over a pollution control system’s lifetime, a lot can change, including process conditions, contaminants, technology advancements, and production levels. For example, many existing Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) were originally designed for nominal 95% Thermal Energy Recovery (TER). Advances in the ceramic heat recovery media now allow for 97% TER. By upgrading to the latest generation of ceramic media, systems originally supplied  at 95% TER can gain an additional 2% thermal energy recovery, which equates to a 40% reduction in natural gas consumption.  

For customers with aging equipment struggling with decreasing destruction efficiency and increasing energy consumption, retrofitting your existing system can be a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to a new system.

There are no template solutions for aftermarket issues. As a custom solutions provider, Anguil’s team of experienced engineers will partner with you to understand your system, regardless of make, model, configuration, or manufacturer, tailoring your retrofit project to maximize system performance. Our Aftermarket experts have successfully executed a myriad of project upgrades targeting:  

  • Increased air or water flow capacity 
  • Improved destruction or removal efficiency 
  • Improved capture efficiency 
  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Improved reliability 
  • Compliance with new environmental regulations 
  • Other turn-key solutions such as system relocations


Retrofit Solution Benefit Equipment Applicability
Ceramic Media Replacement Improves RTO airflow and thermal efficiency Air Technologies
Hot Gas Bypass Addition For high emission loading conditions Air Technologies
Emission Concentrator Integration For high volume, low concentration applications Air Technologies
Waste Heat Recovery Reduces energy demands from oxidizers or
process equipment
Air Technologies
Supplemental Fuel Injection (SFI) Lowers NOx emissions and gain better system control Air Technologies
Burner and Gas Train Upgrade Lowers NOx to meet regulations Air Technologies
Controls Upgrade Improves PLC reliability and functionality with enhancements like remote connectivity, monitoring and real-time data. Air and Water Technologies
Treatment Train Optimization Optimize the chemistry of your water treatment system to save money on chemicals and solids transport and disposal. Water Technologies
Solids Handling Upgrade Reduce amount of time and resources required,
less weight to transport (drier solids).
Water Technologies

Spare & Replacement Parts

Reduce downtime, stay in compliance, and always be prepared with a spare parts program designed to your abatement system parts needs.

Let Anguil simplify your spare parts procurement process. We know your system, so let us quickly get you the parts you need. If we don’t have a record of your system, our engineering experts can quickly assess your equipment and determine your parts needs. Anguil has an expansive network of vendor relationships and enjoys priority service and advantageous pricing that we pass on to you.

From overnight emergency parts to full recommended spare parts packages, our robust spare parts program supports Anguil systems and those of any make, model, or manufacturer. This includes but is not limited to ancillary equipment such as scrubbers, concentrator wheels, pumps, fans, and dust collectors.

Using your process and instrumentation diagram, we follow an exclusive methodology to take inventory of your system and assign parts classifications: critical, recommended, convenience, and when needed.

Four levels of spare parts based on need

Level Description Examples
Convenience Consumables that are not critical to operation of the system but are needed for documentation of the operating conditions Chart recorder papers, replacement pens, etc.
Critical High-use and high-wear parts that are considered vital to system operation that require frequent maintenance Poppet valve actuators, thermocouples, flow sensors, damper actuators, and spark igniters
Recommended These items are not typically known to fail; however they cannot
safely be bypassed if they do
Air proving switches, pressure transmitters, and fuel train components
When Needed Parts that are unlikely to fail or not generally critical to system operation

Anguil’s Critical Spare Parts Package is the most convenient and economical way to ensure preparedness, compliance, and system uptime and takes the guesswork out of ordering spare parts. We discount this package over the cost of ordering individual parts. We trust that you will find the package both beneficial to simplifying your selection process and benefiting your spare parts budget.

We will work with you in developing a sensible approach that works within your budget. 

  • Spare parts for abatement systems from any manufacturer
  • Critical spare parts packages
  • Convenience inventory recommendations
  • Email notification with tracking number(s) upon request
  • Assigned Project Coordinator for parts requiring service
  • Extensive vendor network for advantageous pricing and pre-negotiated terms and conditions
  • Stock of critical parts kept in house for fast shipment

Preventive Maintenance

Protect your investment and enjoy worry-free maintenance with an Anguil Preventive Maintenance Evaluation (PME) Package.

A robust maintenance program with a trusted oxidizer service provider can ensure permit compliance, prevent operational inefficiencies, and give you the lowest total cost of ownership over the system’s life. Consider our Anguil service technicians an extension of your maintenance staff. Our flexible PME packages keep your equipment fine tuned so you can maximize uptime and stay focused on your bottom line.



Anguil’s PME package is a two (2+) day service visit performed annually or semi-annually on any make or model, regardless of the original manufacturer. A qualified Anguil factory trained technician will perform a thorough investigation including:

  • A review of oxidizer performance during on-line and off-line operation modes
  • Replacement of consumable components
  • Process control and operational analysis, including testing of oxidizer start-up and shutdown program sequences
    • System Startup Cycle, Online Conditions, Safety Shutdowns, Alarms, Pressure Control Loop(s), Valve Cycling, Temperature Profile, Burner Tuning, Airflow Switches
  • Mechanical inspection (internal and external) 
    • Reactor Chamber, Access Doors, Compressed Air Train, Dampers, Valves (Poppet & Rotary), Media and/or Catalyst, Insulation, Fan(s), Ductwork, Exhaust Stack, Fuel Train, Burner(s), Expansion Joint(s), Control Panels, Collection Plenum, Flame Arrestor, and Cold Face
  • Electrical Inspection and Component Testing
    • Thermocouples, Switches, Actuators, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Motors, Starters, Burner Control System, Temperature and Pressure Controllers, Data Recorder, Relays, Timers, Emergency Stops, Disconnects, Operator Interface Displays, and Communication Devices (Modem or Ethernet)


A formal report will be provided documenting the checklist of items that were reviewed on site by our factory trained technician. This report serves as a key component to your regulatory record keeping and will include a summary of:

  • Critical action items
  • Recommended maintenance requirements
  • Tasks performed while on-site


The PME package is custom-tailored to address your specific needs including:

  • Multi-year packages
  • Preliminary stack DRE testing
  • Catalyst evaluation
  • Repair or Replacement Services
  • Operator/Maintenance training sessions
  • Operating cost review
  • Predictive maintenance systems

Benefits of establishing an Anguil PME program:

  • Identify and evaluate monthly maintenance requirements
  • Minimize the potential of costly repairs
  • Optimize performance
  • Sustain Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE)
  • Maintain operating costs
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increase safety and reliability
  • Establish a record of air permit compliance