Protect your investment and enjoy worry-free maintenance with an Anguil Preventive Maintenance Evaluation (PME) Package.

A robust maintenance program with a trusted pollution control equipment service provider can ensure permit compliance, prevent operational inefficiencies, and give you the lowest total cost of ownership over the system’s life. Consider our Anguil service technicians an extension of your maintenance staff.

Our flexible PME packages for both air pollution control systems and industrial wastewater treatment trains keep your equipment fine tuned so you can maximize uptime and stay focused on your bottom line. We can tailor a comprehensive program for all your pollution control equipment at your individual plant or streamline your maintenance strategy while saving money with our multi-plant maintenance packages.


Benefits of Establishing an Anguil PME Program
  • Identify and evaluate monthly maintenance requirements
  • Minimize the potential of costly repairs and downtime
  • Optimize performance
  • Sustain destruction, removal and energy efficiencies
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase safety and reliability
  • Establish a record of environmental permit compliance



Anguil’s standard PME package is a two (2+) day service visit performed annually or semi-annually on any make or model, regardless of the original manufacturer. A qualified Anguil factory trained technician will perform a thorough investigation including:

  • A review of system performance during on-line and off-line operation modes
  • Replacement of consumable components
  • Worker performing maintenance on oxidizer systemProcess control and operational analysis, including testing of system start-up and shutdown program sequences
    • System Startup Cycle, Online Conditions, Safety Shutdowns, Alarms, Pressure Control Loop(s), Valve Cycling, Temperature Profile, Burner Tuning, Airflow Switches
  • Mechanical inspection (internal and external) 
    • Reactor Chamber, Access Doors, Compressed Air Train, Dampers, Valves (Poppet & Rotary), Media and/or Catalyst, Insulation, Fan(s), Ductwork, Exhaust Stack, Fuel Train, Burner(s), Expansion Joint(s), Control Panels, Collection Plenum, Flame Arrestor, and Cold Face
  • Electrical Inspection and Component Testing
    • Thermocouples, Switches, Actuators, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Motors, Starters, Burner Control System, Temperature and Pressure Controllers, Data Recorder, Relays, Timers, Emergency Stops, Disconnects, Operator Interface Displays, and Communication Devices (Modem or Ethernet)


A formal report will be provided documenting the checklist of items that were reviewed on site by our factory trained technician. This report serves as a key component to your regulatory record keeping and will include a summary of:

  • Critical action items
  • Recommended maintenance requirements
  • Tasks performed while on-site


The PME package can be custom-tailored to address your specific needs including:Preventive Maintenance

  • Multi-year, multi-plant, and multi-equipment packages
  • Preliminary stack DRE testing
  • Catalyst evaluation
  • Repair or Replacement Services
  • Operator/Maintenance training sessions
  • Operating cost reviews
  • Predictive maintenance systems


Registering your environmental systems provides you access to Anguil’s periodic maintenance recommendations, energy-saving techniques, and service ideas to keep your devices running effectively & efficiently.


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Introduction to Anguil's Preventive Maintenance Program

What is a PME?

A PME is a two to three day Preventive Maintenance Evaluation service visit performed annually, semi-annually, or quarterly to help ensure that your pollution control system is operating at peak performance.

Why should I set up a PME program for my new equipment?

Anguil’s PME program will help:

  • General maintenance – Identify and evaluate your current monthly maintenance program
  • Minimize costly repairs – By identifying potential areas of concern before they lead to unexpected system shutdowns and eventual costly production outages.
  • Establish a record of destruction efficiency – Yearly PMEs can include catalyst or preliminary stack sampling reports to help ensure DRE compliance.
  • Environmental permit compliance – an OEM annual maintenance review is often required by many regulatory agencies.
Who performs the PME?

A qualified Anguil factory-trained Field Service Engineer (FSE). On average, our FSEs have 15+ years of experience servicing pollution control equipment of all makes and manufacturers.

What happens on a PME?

The Anguil FSE will use a 75+ point checklist to perform a system performance review, operational evaluation, mechanical inspection and replacement of consumable parts. Day 1 focuses primarily on mechanical inspection while Day 2 focuses on operation and performance.Equipment Service

Does my system have to be shut down?

Typically the system will have to be shut down 24 hours prior to our FSE’s scheduled arrival and will remain shut down for Day 1 of the PME service. On remaining day(s), the system will be up and down for alarm and operational testing.

How long is a PME?

This can depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of the system and the additional services performed while on-site. However, our standard PME service takes two to three full days. Anguil offers several flexible PME options to fit your operating schedule, including split 1-day semi-annual visits, shortened 1-1/2 day services, and extended visits to address additional maintenance issues while already on site.

What documentation will I receive upon completion of my PME?

After the visit, a formal written report identifying the maintenance requirements for your system listing any recommendations for corrective action will be provided. You will also receive a copy of the 75+ point checklist with FSE notations.

Does Anguil only do PMEs on Anguil units?

No! Anguil services pollution control systems of any make or manufacturer. On average, we service 600+ systems from 23 different manufacturers each year.

How often do I need to have a PME done?

To maximize operational performance and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements, we recommend performing a PME visit every year. Check your environmental permit to determine your specific service requirements.

What other services can be done while the technician is onsite?

Performing other services while our FSE is already on site is great way to get the most value out of your visit.

  • Refresher training of new employees
  • Destruction, removal and efficiency Testing
  • Summa Can Testing
  • Other outstanding service needs (with additional time onsite)
Do you offer a multi-year discount?

When you commit to a 3-year PME contract package, we will lock in the price for the duration of the contract, preventing year-after-year price increases. In addition, our PME contract customers enjoy complementary services in their package, including destruction efficiency testing.

Do you remind me of when it’s time to schedule my next year’s PME?

Yes, our Aftermarket Sales Team will send you a friendly reminder approximately two months before your next service date so you have optimal scheduling availability. Our schedules fill up fast! Enrolling in a 3-year PME contract is the best way to guarantee consistent service dates year-after-year.

How do I get started with an Anguil PME program?

Fill out our Service Request Form to request a quote for your system.