Who utilizes the Anguil water testing lab?

The Anguil water lab is designed to help determine equipment options and costs for wastewater treatment and potential reuse.

  • Environmental Health & Safety Professionals, Plant Managers, Maintenance Personnel, or anyone tasked with wastewater initiatives.
  • Companies paying inflated costs for hauling wastewater offsite for treatment and disposal.
  • Facilities with dated treatment systems that no longer meet discharge standards due to age or change in process conditions.
  • Industries or regions with tightening environmental regulations.
  • Companies exploring water reuse to save money or meet sustainability initiatives.


What analysis can the Anguil water lab provide?

Water Lab

The Anguil water lab has comprehensive testing equipment that can:

  • define potential treatment options for wastewater and solids handling, including water reuse;
  • determine operating and capital costs for proposed treatment processes;
  • validate the most cost-effective approach to treat wastewater for discharge or reuse;
  • optimize existing treatment methods and chemical protocols.


What water testing processes and techniques are available at the Anguil water lab?

Our on-site water lab is ideal for bench or pilot testing the efficacy of various technologies. Pollutants, constituents, concentrations, and characteristics of the water and any particles need to be clearly analyzed. Some of the techniques we apply during this evaluation process include chemical precipitation; oxidation such as ozone, permanganate, and hypochlorite; ultraviolet (UV); reverse osmosis (RO); deionization (DI); solids handling for filter press; and RVD (Rotary Vacuum Drum) validation and sizing.


Why should I use the Anguil water treatment lab?

In addition to determining what treatment equipment and approaches are available to you to meet discharge or reuse standards, Anguil is unique in that we work with you to understand your operational needs so that any equipment recommendations meet your company’s decision criteria. All available water treatment techniques and technologies are evaluated on up-front capital costs, estimated operating expenses, system effectiveness, and energy efficiency modeling. The pros and cons of each are presented to clients in an unbiased report. This allows you to determine the most effective approach to treat wastewater discharge or recycle and reuse water at your facility.  


What can I expect from our water laboratory results?

The primary deliverable from the lab trials is a thorough report detailing the testing protocols, results, and options as they pertain to the needs you presented.  You can use this technology roadmap to lay out project development and execution plans, giving you timelines and deliverables toward compliance.  However, a fully integrated industrial wastewater treatment system from Anguil is not always the best option.  If there is a cost-effective way to upgrade or retrofit your system, Anguil can often give your treatment system an extended life.  Anguil can also often make automation recommendations to lower the cost of ownership and increase efficiency.  System upgrades can save you money and have a rapid return on investment. We can even help you decide if renting a supplemental or replacement system coincides with your budget or compliance needs.  


How is it possible to save money while trying to reach compliance with environmental regulations and/or my company’s ESG standards?

As standards rise for companies’ socially-conscious behavior – often known as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) – more and more wastewater clients are implementing “beneficial reuse” or “near-zero liquid discharge” initiatives. These are proven techniques that directly impact a company’s use or management of water in order to safeguard the environment.  Facilities benefit not only from an ESG and regulatory standpoint but also financially, as they reduce the amount of water and corresponding surcharges for discharging to the municipal sewer or hauling off-site for processing. We help answer the age-old question, “What does non-compliance cost our company?” Let us help you establish a sustainable and affordable water management process.  


What is the Anguil water lab’s objective?

Water Lab

Our objective is to test sample water with various proven technologies to see what options exist for meeting discharge standards of the Publicly Operated Treatment Works (POTW); however, a company’s ESG initiatives may require them to treat it to an even cleaner standard for reuse in their process or possibly to reuse as wash water to clean the system. In short, we use your water sample to determine what type of treatment train will be needed and if any unique features should be incorporated into the system to meet regulatory requirements and company objectives.  We can also take into consideration the capabilities of any existing systems on-site to provide recommendations based on the results of our comprehensive testing.


Who will I be working with at the Anguil water lab?

Over half of all Anguil’s staff are degreed engineers with experience in industrial manufacturing across the mechanical, electrical, structural, chemical, and environmental disciplines. The lab team pulls from Anguil’s 45 years of experience in pollutant measurement, analysis, and treatment technologies and equipment design. Your strategic account manager will give you confidence in the technical evaluation process and help navigate the results. From sample collection to engineering and treatability studies, you can expect proactive and attentive service from the water treatment lab team.   


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