December 31st, 2017 / MILWAUKEE, WI: Anguil recently received the largest order in company history in the carbon fiber market, which reflects industry confidence in their state-of-the-art technical advances revolutionizing carbon fiber emissions treatment. Anguil’s air pollution abatement systems offer the industry’s most advanced technology for meeting the toughest environmental regulatory standards in the world for controlling air emissions from oxidation ovens and LT/HT carbonization furnaces.

The integrated systems draw upon an enhanced design that help customers in the industry achieve more productive operations, providing significant operating efficiency by reducing energy consumption of typical process equipment by 17%. Rich Grzanka, Vice President of Anguil, focuses on sales of carbon fiber equipment and explained the company’s market success: “Tightening of environmental air emission regulations around the world have combined with increased demand for lightweight, yet strong materials like carbon fiber, used in the manufacturing of more efficient aircraft and automobiles, to drive growth in this industry and our business.”

Anguil specializes in providing a seamless integrated systems approach to air pollution control for carbon fiber production facilities considering a three-prong approach:

  • Process Emissions – Oxidation Ovens & Carbonization Furnaces; Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Ammonia (NH3), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Tar, Silica
  • Abatement Equipment – Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTOs), Multi Staged Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers (MS-DFTO), Secondary Heat Recovery, Particulate Control
  • Operational & Maintenance Considerations – Designed to Maximize Up Time, Energy Efficiency and Heat Return to Process. Minimize Maintenance Time & Costs.

Anguil celebrated record-breaking sales in 2017, with the carbon fiber market playing an integral role in their success and strengthening reputation worldwide. In 2018, Anguil will continue to focus on the carbon fiber market, demonstrating their long-term commitment to developing state-of-the-art technical advances for the carbon fiber industry. Anguil representatives will be in Paris from March 6th – 8th exhibiting at JEC World 2018, a trade show uniting the global carbon fiber and composites industry. Anguil team members will be on hand throughout the conference at booth R31f to explain how their energy-efficient oxidizer systems are revolutionizing the industry and why they have the highest environmental performance on record.

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