The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has once again recognized Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. for its sustainability efforts as part of its Green Masters Program.

Recognizing sustainable actions by businesses from across the state of Wisconsin, the Green Masters program works to identify companies that have taken actions within a variety of sustainability pillars. Participants receive recognition for their sustainability accomplishments and use the program to develop ideas to plan future sustainability actions.

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For the ninth year in a row, Anguil has been recognized as a Wisconsin Green Masters Program Participant. In 2023, the Green Masters program updated its award categories, leading Anguil to be awarded Maturing status within our industry. The Green Masters Program provides a third-party, objective set of criteria for defining sustainability initiatives and legitimizes our work to push sustainability into our supply chain. Anguil is continually evaluated and accepted based on our involvement in key areas of environmental stewardship, community involvement and impact, employee experience, and sustainable governance.

While the corporate landscape continues to adapt and adjust post-pandemic, Anguil has continued to make strides in its sustainability efforts. A major project completed in 2023 included the removal of single-use plastics throughout the Anguil corporate headquarters in Milwaukee; reusable and/or sustainably-produced utensils, bowls, plates, cups, and mugs are stocked in each kitchen, and each employee received a set of reusable corn-based utensils. Additionally, Anguil’s employee-led sustainability team has implemented a switch from single-use batteries to rechargeable batteries throughout the corporate office.

On Anguil’s sustainability goals, the executive team believes, “It is important to us that every employee knows what we stand for, our values, and future goals. This takes some work, practice, repetition, and belief. In the end, it revolves around communication from every level of our organization. With this, we believe we can create a more sustainable company, saving time, money, and resources — which then opens the door for more opportunity and growth.”

The Green Masters Program is an objective, point-based recognition, assessment, and certification program that enables Wisconsin businesses from any size or sector to measure and improve their sustainability strategy. The program has four levels of participation: Adapting, Advancing, Maturing, and Green Master. Anguil has achieved Maturing status. Each year the top quartile of the program’s companies are recognized as Green Master companies at the annual WSBC Conference, held in November.

“The Green Masters Program is a tool for businesses to assess and grow their sustainability actions, to benchmark against others in their industry, and to receive a third party credential recognizing their sustainability achievements,” says WSBC’s managing director, Jessy Servi Ortiz.

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