Air and water pollution can have a significant detrimental impact on both human health and the environment. Non-compliance with pollution control regulations can be both time-consuming and expensive. Your company could be given increasingly large financial penalties for not meeting regulation standards, resulting in higher overall costs for your company.

Serious non-compliance with environmental rules is unfortunately common. Although it is tough to establish reliable non-compliance rates in the US, studies have found that as much as 34% of RCRA hazardous waste generators violate EPA regulations, while a shocking 61% of municipalities routinely violate the rules regarding raw sewage discharge. This touches on another, often overlooked, pain point of non-compliance: the latent concerns of the public. Serious, continual, or even—in the right circumstances—individual instances of non-compliance with environmental regulations can severely damage your brand reputation, leading to costs that are much more difficult to quantify than penalties alone.

Additionally, pollution control technologies, when designed properly, can not only keep you in compliance but in some instances reduce production costs. Solutions from Anguil can result in costs being minimized through strategies like waste heat recovery or product reclamation.  Anguil pollution control systems are seamlessly integrated into industrial processes to maximize profits. It starts with quality system design that ensures smooth installation and continuous operation long after startup.

Our Quality Design Increases Reliability and Minimizes Operating Costs

We know exactly how critical it is for your system to be delivered and operational on time to maintain profitability. During manufacturing, we work hard to ensure quality standards and on-time delivery using a gated production approach.

We break up stages of pollution control technology manufacturing to ensure that specific production milestones are not completed until all the checks and balances are met. Our quality assurance department applies this gate philosophy to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Because we manufacture our pollution control technology systems to exacting global standards, we can reduce the headaches and hurdles associated with permitting large, complex systems often used on industrial applications.

Easy Installations to Get You up and Running

We avoid long installation processes as many of our pollution control technology systems arrive on-site pre-assembled, pre-wired, and ready to start up quickly and efficiently. We will have you up and running quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring compliance from day one.

Even in the design of your pollution control technology, we consider the installation strategy and ensure a successful integration, meaning our clients can focus on their business whilst adhering to air and water regulations.

Reliable Controls and Automation for Pollution Control Technology

At Anguil, our systems offer the latest, most efficient controls and automation capabilities. Our pollution control technology systems are designed for reliable operation and are optimized for usability.

Anguil is at the forefront of technological advancement in environmental equipment with our use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which helps to enhance reliability, safety, and maintenance efforts. Our IIoT integration allows for real-time data logging, alarm notification and event reporting. These solutions may enable improved operating performance, leading to greater workflow efficiencies which ultimately save you both time and money.

Efficiency of Pollution Control Technology Impacts Operating Costs

Our company has over 40 years of industry experience and thousands of global installations. We are committed to designing the most efficient, sustainable equipment on the market today. Some design features include:

  • Variable frequency drives accommodate a broad variety of process flows as well as auto-balancing media beds to optimize heat loading and transfer in regenerative systems.
  • Hot gas bypass for handling excess heat and recovering heat for preheating process flows.
  • Expert system integration with existing process equipment using the latest controls and advanced automation capabilities for ensured uptime and compliance.
  • Robust and effective singular treatment trains for wastewater treatment, from primary treatment through to integration (discharge, solids handling, etc.)
  • Various proven technologies for critical industrial water challenges, including RO systems for total dissolved solids, rotary vacuum drums for sludge dewatering, and more.

Our solutions are subjected to stringent process requirements and help to minimize overall environmental footprint through reuse and recycling.

At Anguil we are always looking to find ways to help our customers and can tailor our pollution control technology to suit your requirements. If you would like to find out more or speak to an expert, contact us today.

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