Ten Years of Top Workplace Awards for Anguil!

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Anguil Environmental has been recognized as a Top Workplace in Southeastern Wisconsin by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the tenth time. Thousands of companies from across the state competed for this award and Anguil was one of the 141 selected. Winners are based solely upon feedback from employee surveys.

“This is our tenth time being honored as a Top Workplace and the recognition has not lost its significance with management,” said Deb Anguil, Chief Operating Officer of Anguil Environmental. “Family culture is so important at Anguil. The fact that Top Workplace winners are determined by feedback from employees tells us that our team members feel a part of the family, which is very important to organizational growth.”

“Anguil is committed to protecting the environment with unmatched engineering, innovative equipment, guaranteed compliance, and reliable service,” said Chris Anguil, President of Anguil Environmental. “None of that is possible without the dedication and hard work of our employees. Thanks to everyone for making Anguil a Top Workplace. We appreciate everything you do and especially your tenacity and efforts during these tough times.”

The complete list of winners can be found on Jsonline.com.

See what it is like to be an Anguil Employee.

Anguil Industrial Acquires Young & Bertke Air Systems Company

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Acquisition of Young & Bertke Air Systems Company Creates Common Ownership with Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. to Strengthen Industry Presence

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – April 16th, 2024 – Chris Anguil, President and Deborah Anguil, Chief Operating Officer of Anguil Environmental Systems Inc. (Anguil), a globally recognized leader in industrial pollution control technologies and services, proudly announce the formation of Anguil Industrial, LLC, to complete the acquisition of Young & Bertke Air Systems Company, a distinguished mechanical contractor in Cincinnati Ohio. The strategic acquisition, effective immediately, enhances the offerings of each company, both with decades of expertise and experience in environmental systems and mechanical contracting services.

Young & Bertke AcquisitionCustomers of Young & Bertke can expect continued quality fabrication and exceptional customer service, now enhanced with the additional resources of Anguil’s engineering and design capabilities. Many familiar faces will remain onboard, including former owner, Tim Rohrer, who expressed enthusiasm about the union stating, “I’m eager to complement Anguil’s team while also expanding and strengthening Young & Bertke’s footprint in the industry.”

For Anguil, the move underscores its unwavering dedication to innovation and growth within the environmental sector. “This acquisition reinforces our commitment to providing quality environmental systems and services amid our remarkable growth.” stated Chris Anguil, President of Anguil.

Notably, Anguil and Young & Bertke have a longstanding history of collaboration, having partnered on countless projects over the past twenty-five years. With common ownership now in place, both entities are poised to enhance those operational synergies while preserving the integrity of their respected brand names.

About Anguil Environmental:

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Anguil is a leading provider of air pollution control systems, wastewater treatment technologies, and energy recovery equipment for industrial applications and manufacturing industries. They have fabrication, installation, services and sales operations in The United Kingdom, India, China, and Taiwan. Since 1978, Anguil has been protecting the environment through unmatched engineering, innovative equipment, guaranteed compliance, and reliable service.

About Young & Bertke, An Anguil Industrial Company:

Since its founding in 1920, Young & Bertke has built a reputation for quality fabrication and installation of mechanical systems related to air ventilation and purification. This includes but is not limited to ductwork, dust collectors, tanks, platforms, enclosures, dampers, and specialty sheet metal fabrication. Their highly skilled technicians take pride in doing the job right the first time and every time.

Media Information:

Anguil Environmental Systems Inc. / www.anguil.com / (800) 488-0230

Young & Bertke, An Anguil Industrial Company / www.youngbertke.com / (513) 241-5566

Anguil Awarded Maturing Status by Green Masters Program

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The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has once again recognized Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. for its sustainability efforts as part of its Green Masters Program.

Recognizing sustainable actions by businesses from across the state of Wisconsin, the Green Masters program works to identify companies that have taken actions within a variety of sustainability pillars. Participants receive recognition for their sustainability accomplishments and use the program to develop ideas to plan future sustainability actions.

Green Masters Program logo

For the ninth year in a row, Anguil has been recognized as a Wisconsin Green Masters Program Participant. In 2023, the Green Masters program updated its award categories, leading Anguil to be awarded Maturing status within our industry. The Green Masters Program provides a third-party, objective set of criteria for defining sustainability initiatives and legitimizes our work to push sustainability into our supply chain. Anguil is continually evaluated and accepted based on our involvement in key areas of environmental stewardship, community involvement and impact, employee experience, and sustainable governance.

While the corporate landscape continues to adapt and adjust post-pandemic, Anguil has continued to make strides in its sustainability efforts. A major project completed in 2023 included the removal of single-use plastics throughout the Anguil corporate headquarters in Milwaukee; reusable and/or sustainably-produced utensils, bowls, plates, cups, and mugs are stocked in each kitchen, and each employee received a set of reusable corn-based utensils. Additionally, Anguil’s employee-led sustainability team has implemented a switch from single-use batteries to rechargeable batteries throughout the corporate office.

On Anguil’s sustainability goals, the executive team believes, “It is important to us that every employee knows what we stand for, our values, and future goals. This takes some work, practice, repetition, and belief. In the end, it revolves around communication from every level of our organization. With this, we believe we can create a more sustainable company, saving time, money, and resources — which then opens the door for more opportunity and growth.”

The Green Masters Program is an objective, point-based recognition, assessment, and certification program that enables Wisconsin businesses from any size or sector to measure and improve their sustainability strategy. The program has four levels of participation: Adapting, Advancing, Maturing, and Green Master. Anguil has achieved Maturing status. Each year the top quartile of the program’s companies are recognized as Green Master companies at the annual WSBC Conference, held in November.

“The Green Masters Program is a tool for businesses to assess and grow their sustainability actions, to benchmark against others in their industry, and to receive a third party credential recognizing their sustainability achievements,” says WSBC’s managing director, Jessy Servi Ortiz.

To learn more about the program, visit wisconsinsustainability.com/greenmasters.

Anguil Announces Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform, Seeks Pilot Customers

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Anguil has announced the launch of their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software platform and is now seeking participants for their pilot program. Unlike the Internet of Things (IoT), which largely centers on consumer devices, IIoT focuses on bringing connectivity and data exchange capabilities via an internet connection to industrial and manufacturing contexts.

Anguil’s IIoT software platform is tailored specifically for enhancing operational transparency and reporting capabilities for environmental pollution controlRTO-IIOT-Interface equipment. Anguil partnered with Siemens to leverage their Mindsphere® software, which provides exceptional data security and complex development components and tools, allowing Anguil to develop a sophisticated, flexible, and data secure IIoT solution. Anguil’s IIoT platform is designed to leverage existing equipment data to improve performance, lower maintenance costs, and prevent unplanned downtime through graphical overviews, KPI dashboards, live trending, and document repositories.

According to Richard Oakes, Client Manager and IIoT Business Development Manager, the timing couldn’t be better for Anguil’s IIoT solution: “IoT has disrupted and transformed widespread consumer markets. Why should the environmental pollution control industry be any different? The industry has been mature for a long time – the next logical step is advanced automation and controls. Until now, there really hasn’t been much out there for environmental managers looking to modernize their environmental equipment management strategy. Our IIoT platform is a game changer for them.”

To further test and enhance their IIoT platform, Anguil is seeking industrial facilities with existing environmental technologies to participate in a pilot program.  Participants partner with Anguil to integrate the IIoT platform with their environmental equipment for a six-month period, providing feedback on the existing interface and input on desired functionality. To qualify as a pilot participant, Anguil is seeking facilities willing to provide Anguil’s IIoT team technical access to their system control panel. Besides minimal set-up costs, there is no cost to participate as a pilot customer and no long-term obligation. At the end of the pilot program, participants will be offered the option to continue IIoT services or to end the engagement with no pressure to purchase.

For more information on Anguil’s IIoT capabilities and to apply to the IIoT Pilot Program, go to https://anguil.com/engineering-services/industrial-internet-of-things-iiot.

Anguil Environmental Systems Private LTD Celebrates Grand Opening of India Office

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Anguil is thrilled to announce the official inauguration of the Anguil Environmental Systems Private LTD headquarters in India.
Anguil India Employees and Vendors

Anguil Environmental Private Ltd employees and vendors gather to celebrate the office opening

Since 1978, Anguil has been a burgeoning leader in the global air and water pollution control markets. In response to increased demand for its environmental technologies and services, Anguil Environmental Systems Inc. (Anguil) formed a wholly owned Indian subsidiary, Anguil Environmental Systems Private LTD, in June of 2020. Since formation, Anguil’s Indian office has been busy leveraging well-established partnerships and building on a favorable reputation based on several existing installations throughout India. Anguil is now thrilled to announce that the growing India team has officially inaugurated the new the Anguil Environmental Systems Private LTD headquarters located in Gujarat.

Located in the Atlantis Heights neighborhood in Subhanpura, the office is in a prime location for doing business within the Vadodara metro area. The office location is key to strategic growth and an unparalleled customer experience ― Gujarat is a hub for chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical companies. With an office in Vadodara, Anguil India’s team can leverage proximity to customers to meet their needs. Additionally, key vendors such as fabricators and component suppliers are located within five miles and the airport is located approximately 3 miles from the office.

The Celebration

The inauguration was marked with an office gathering and a special celebration. The day of the inauguration, September 3rd, 2021, was also the Ekadashi holiday. Ekadashi is an auspicious day in Hindu culture. It takes place on the eleventh day of the two lunar cycles of the month. Spiritually, Ekadashi symbolizes eleven senses constituting five sense organs, five action organs and one mind. People observe a fast to mark the day by controlling the eleven senses and consuming only permitted foods and refraining from others.

Office Opening Celebration

The celebration featured an extensive spread of Indian food and time for worship.

As a part of our inauguration day celebration, worship was conducted at the office.  A priest was invited to help conduct worship. Key partners of Anguil India, including our fabricators, were invited to the festivities. The gathering included an extensive spread of food and time of fellowship together.

The Office

The office is located on the 6th floor of a 12-story building in a prime commercial area with many nearby corporate offices representing the information technology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The office, which is designed to serve as a center point of all business activities, will help integrate sales, engineering, project management, and service functions at one single location.

Having an established company in the local Indian market allows Anguil technologies to be manufactured utilizing local resources while avoiding substantial international freight costs and duties. Customers can expect a responsive, single source provider for their specific pollution control needs. With a dedicated local team of technical sales, engineering, and service resources at the ground level, the company seeks to serve the nation with the best technology at affordable price.

Congratulations to the Anguil India team on this special milestone in our growth into the India market.


Addressing India’s Air Pollution Control Needs

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In response to increased demand for its environmental technologies and services, Anguil Environmental Systems Inc. (Anguil) is expanding its’ coverage in the Indian market with the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary in the country. On June 22nd, 2020, the articles of incorporation were approved by government officials and Anguil Environmental Systems Private Limited was formed. Since then, Anguil has establish a direct presence by securing an office in Gujarat and hiring several seasoned employees with plans for more hires in early 2021.

Anguil has been serving the global air pollution control market since 1978. With well-established partners already in place and several successful installations throughout India, company executives felt the time was right. “Forming a subsidiary of the United States parent has always been part of the company’s overall international strategy” said Chris Anguil, President of Anguil Environmental. “After successfully penetrating the European and Asian markets, we knew India was a priority given the growing demand for pollution control solutions.”

Having an established company in the local market allows Anguil technologies to be manufactured utilizing local resources while avoiding substantial international freight costs and duties. Customers can expect a responsive, single source provider for their specific pollution control needs. With a dedicated local team of technical sales, engineering, and service resources at the ground level, the company seeks to serve the nation with the best technology at affordable price.

Make sure to visit our company directory to contact our team in India or see a list of all Anguil locations.

Company Commitment During COVID-19

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Covid-19These are unprecedented times with the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and community to know that Anguil is following an existing, robust, business continuity plan for managing situations such as this. In fact, our leadership has been preparing for this disruption in the United States since the virus first hit our offices in China last February. Anguil is also following the recommendations of local, state and federal health officials to protect our employees and surrounding community while continuing to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

As the world continues to grapple with this pandemic, many federal and state agencies are imposing shelter in place restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We understand that many of our customers are considered essential businesses in critical infrastructure industries such as Chemical, Defense, Industrial, Energy, and Transportation, and therefore cannot cease operations.

Our number one priority will remain the health and well-being of our team, while doing whatever possible to service our customers, their facilities and production. We are dedicated to remaining flexible in our approach and adjusting accordingly to keep them operational.

  • Our entire service team and support staff remains healthy and is setup online, ready to assist you via remote connection or teleconferencing. For customers requiring onsite services, we are investigating each situation on a case-by-case basis so please contact our service department.
  • As a provider to critical business sectors we will continue to operate all of our fabrication facilities including those locations where the population has been placed under a ‘stay at home’ order. Anguil fabrication facilities will remain open as long as possible for any emergency fabrication needs while trying to maintain production schedules.
  • We have implemented a work from home policy for all non-essential employees in Accounting, Administration, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing. All individuals in these departments can be reached via phone or email.
  • Our purchasing department is maintaining constant contact with our major supply chain partners to ensure the continued flow of products and services.

For 40 years and counting, Anguil has taken on complex environmental challenges and stood strong for our customer. That will not change in the face of these unprecedented times.

Should you have any questions, please call the corporate office (800-488-0230). This is a very fluid situation so please revisit this page for future updates.

Chris Anguil, President-Anguil Environmental Systems

Federal Environmental Advisory Committee Appoints Kevin Summ

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Anguil Environmental is very proud to announce that our Director of Marketing, Kevin Summ, was recently selected by the Secretary of Commerce to serve on the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC) for a second two-year term. Under the guidance of the United States Department of Commerce, Kevin and his fellow committee members will advise government officials on environmental technologies, trends, policies and markets to improve our nations’ reputation as an international leader.
Over the past twenty-plus years, Kevin has been actively involved in the marketing and sale of environmental technologies for various industrial applications. With a solid technical understanding of pollution control systems and the international regulations to which they are applied, Kevin brings a wealth of insight into many of the barriers that US companies face in doing business overseas. This knowledge will be extremely valuable as the ETTAC charter works to provide input on the development and administration of programs to expand US exports of environmental technologies, goods, services and products that comply with US environmental, safety, and related requirements.

“Being one of only forty people appointed to ETTAC speaks to Kevin’s experience with the promotion of sound environmental technologies and his dedication to protecting our environment.” said Chris Anguil, President of Anguil Environmental Systems. “As a company, we are happy to sponsor Kevin’s involvement in ETTAC as their mission coincides with Anguil’s pledge to provide environmental and energy solutions that ensure cleaner air and water for future generations.”

More information on committee members and the 2018-2020 and 2020-2022 charters can be found on the International Trade Administration website: https://www.export.gov/ettac

The ETTAC welcomes comments and suggestions from the public. If you wish to make a comment for consideration by the Committee, or for information about previous ETTAC charters, please contact Victoria Yue at victoria.yue@trade.gov.

Anguil Celebrates a Major Milestone

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Milwaukee, WI: Starting an environmental company in the late 1970’s was not nearly as well received as it would be today, but Gene Anguil, Founder of Anguil Environmental Systems, persevered. Four decades later, Anguil is recognized as a worldwide leader of industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment technologies. On August 12th, the company is hosting a 40th anniversary party that will be truly international, drawing attendees from across the United States, Asia, and Europe. Held in downtown Milwaukee, the private celebration will be one of the first events in the new wing at Discovery World overlooking Lake Michigan.

Approximately four-hundred people are expected at the Sunday evening party. Guests will consist of employees, both current and former, as well as partners, key suppliers, sales representatives and close family friends. “It’s important that we recognize the people and companies that helped us get where we are today,” said Gene. “While my wife was our first, and arguably most-important employee, there were also a lot of other vital contributors to our success.”

The night will include a multimedia presentation focused on Anguil’s Recipe for Success: Vision, Expertise, Leadership, Employees, Resilience, Fun, Community, and Family. Dinner and dancing will follow a series of speeches by key Anguil personnel. According to Chris Anguil, son of Gene and President of the company, “August 12th also happens to be Gene’s 80th birthday, so there may be some surprises”.

Throughout the past four decades, the company has celebrated countless successes, but also persevered through some challenges. Major milestones include several moves into increasingly larger facilities, the establishment of international operations, development of an extensive global sales representative network, and a continuous garnering of awards like the employee-driven Top Workplace distinction and the Environmental Business Journal Achievement Award. The tragic passing of Gene’s oldest son Jeff in 1993, then company President, was one of those challenging moments that tested the company’s resiliency while cementing the family culture that still exists today.
The 40th anniversary celebration comes at a time of widespread enthusiasm for the company’s mission and steady growth, including the hiring of several third generation Anguil employees, aggressive global sales targets, and the completion of a remodel of their corporate headquarters in Brown Deer. This investment buoys the optimism of employees and the surrounding community, looking ahead to many more years of success.

About Anguil Environmental Systems, Incorporated: Anguil provides environmental and energy solutions that ensure cleaner air and water for future generations. Company values include a commitment to customer satisfaction, high integrity, family culture, continuous improvement, a passion for excellence and organizational growth. The company is uniquely capable of supplying integrated air and water treatment solutions to the global manufacturing sector and industrial markets for environmental compliance.

On vapor combustion applications, Anguil has over four decades of experience with the design, manufacturing, service and installation of thermal and catalytic oxidizers for the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), process odors and Nitrous Oxides (NOX). Anguil also specializes in energy recovery systems that reduce a company’s operating costs, lower their carbon footprint and decrease energy consumption by utilizing waste heat from manufacturing processes.

On the water side, Anguil Aqua provides turnkey water treatment systems that target solid or liquid pollutants from industrial and remediation applications. As a custom solution company, they can integrate a range of technologies with proven techniques to meet specific site challenges.

Carbon Fiber Market Drives Strong Sales

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December 31st, 2017 / MILWAUKEE, WI: Anguil recently received the largest order in company history in the carbon fiber market, which reflects industry confidence in their state-of-the-art technical advances revolutionizing carbon fiber emissions treatment. Anguil’s air pollution abatement systems offer the industry’s most advanced technology for meeting the toughest environmental regulatory standards in the world for controlling air emissions from oxidation ovens and LT/HT carbonization furnaces.

The integrated systems draw upon an enhanced design that help customers in the industry achieve more productive operations, providing significant operating efficiency by reducing energy consumption of typical process equipment by 17%. Rich Grzanka, Vice President of Anguil, focuses on sales of carbon fiber equipment and explained the company’s market success: “Tightening of environmental air emission regulations around the world have combined with increased demand for lightweight, yet strong materials like carbon fiber, used in the manufacturing of more efficient aircraft and automobiles, to drive growth in this industry and our business.”

Anguil specializes in providing a seamless integrated systems approach to air pollution control for carbon fiber production facilities considering a three-prong approach:

  • Process Emissions – Oxidation Ovens & Carbonization Furnaces; Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Ammonia (NH3), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Tar, Silica
  • Abatement Equipment – Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTOs), Multi Staged Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers (MS-DFTO), Secondary Heat Recovery, Particulate Control
  • Operational & Maintenance Considerations – Designed to Maximize Up Time, Energy Efficiency and Heat Return to Process. Minimize Maintenance Time & Costs.

Anguil celebrated record-breaking sales in 2017, with the carbon fiber market playing an integral role in their success and strengthening reputation worldwide. In 2018, Anguil will continue to focus on the carbon fiber market, demonstrating their long-term commitment to developing state-of-the-art technical advances for the carbon fiber industry. Anguil representatives will be in Paris from March 6th – 8th exhibiting at JEC World 2018, a trade show uniting the global carbon fiber and composites industry. Anguil team members will be on hand throughout the conference at booth R31f to explain how their energy-efficient oxidizer systems are revolutionizing the industry and why they have the highest environmental performance on record.